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Season Leases - Sold Out


Booking info

Our rental day begins at 12 noon the day before you use the equipment. Our rental day ends before 12 noon the day after you use the equipment

First come first serve only, no reservations.   

Our Rental Shop closes 30 minutes before we do.

Questions? Call our shop:     916-451-2800

​*Daily Ski Rentals and Daily Board Rentals discontinued due to COVID.  
We will continue to rent snowshoes, cross country skis, and bibs. 

Ski or Snowboard Season Lease Info

Adult package: $250

Junior Package: $200

Includes: skis + boots + pole or board + bindings + boots

Season lease's may be picked up as soon as we re-open August 1st. We recommend coming in no later than November, as we often sell out by the middle of that month.​ Gear must be returned by April 15th. It is possible to prepay in the spring for a slight discount. 

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