Rentals, Demos, and Season Leases

Booking info

Our rental day begins at 12 noon the day before you use the equipment. Our rental day ends before 12 noon the day after you use the equipment

Advance reservations highly recommended for availability. 

Our Rental Shop closes 30 minutes before the Shop closes.

Questions? Call our shop: 916-451-2800

Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Daily Ski Rentals and Daily Board Rentals discontinued due to COVID.  

We will continue to rent snowshoes, X-C lite touring, performance skis, pants, jackets, & helmets.

Demo and High Performance Skis

Looking to kick it up a notch? We offer high-performance demo skis. Boots and poles are included at no extra cost, or feel free to bring in your own boots to see how our skis fit in with the rest of your setup!

Season Leases  - As of 11/11/20 Season Leases are Sold Out for adults.  Junior Leases are $159 while supplies last.

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